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Dear Business Associate,

    Demre travel has been established since 1996. Our aim has always been promote Turkish tourism and to be a leading travel agent in providing handling services for international tour operators which are marketing Turkey & Greece in Europe and overseas. We also pride ourselves in the personal touch we give to our individual travelers. Our executives have over 17 years of experience in travel business but still bear the spirit of wonder which keeps them excited, creative and dynamic.

    Our firm has always kept our customer-focused philosophy ahead of commercial interests, which leads us to our goal of quality rather than quantity.Therefore, we stand for the saying: “We would forgo profit for before we compromise the trust and satisfaction of our customers.” This had resulted in Demre Travel being known as one of the best travel agents in Turkey’s tourism sector.

    We hope that you will include Turkey and Demre Travel in your travel plans this year !

Best Regards

Demre Travel Team